Particle emitter for OpenFL compatible with Particle Designer

When I need particles for one of my games, I searched a bit, and found excellent Particle Designer 2 for mac. Although this app is a little expensive (€36.99) and sometimes crashes, it allows you to create particle systems in an easy way.

Then I started looking for particle emitter, compatible with OpenFL, but all I found – it is old and abandoned projects.

I decide to create my own library.


Introducing zame-haxe-particles!


  • Can load .plist files from Particle Designer or Particle Designer 2.
  • Has drawTiles renderer along with GL renderer.

NOTE: work in progress, more features coming.


Export notes

Embedded textures is not supported, so you must uncheck “embed” before export.



Renderer notes

GL renderer is the best choise for html5 (with -Ddom) – it support many features and super fast. It use “hacked” version of OpenGLView to be able to add canvas with proper z-index. html5-dom demo

However GL renderer is available only for html with -Ddom.

For all other targets use drawTiles renderer:

  • html5 in canvas mode – still pretty fast, doesn’t support color effects. Can render incorrectly due to bug in openfl, please apply this patch if you encounter it. html5-canvas demo.
  • native – fast, support color effects, hovewer in some cases GL renderer looks better.
  • flash – slow, can be buggy (due to drawTiles implementation in openfl). flash demo.


How to use

Open terminal, than:

haxelib git zame-particles
haxelib git zame-miscutils

Roadmap for future

  • Support lime directly, without openfl
  • Support for snow
  • Create component for luxe engine

2 thoughts on “Particle emitter for OpenFL compatible with Particle Designer

  1. Hi,
    I am very thankful for your help to openfl as I searched and tried myself but didn’t get good particle effects in openfl. I hope you will be adding texture support soon 🙂
    wish you all the best.

  2. Hi,
    After transforming the code of my games from AS3 into Haxe/Openfl i was in dire need of a good particle system. Sadly Flint/Flinthx didn’t work anymore.
    But this seems like a very good alternative! Especially with the ParticleEditor made by onebyonedesign which exports plsits too.

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