Particle emitter updated again

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 12.53.43

More features added to zame-haxe-particles:

  • Support for embedded textures (both zipped or not)
  • Sprites renderer added, which allows to use some color-effects for flash target
  • Fallback to drawTiles renderer when WebGL is not available for html5 target
  • Fix problem, when buttons under particle renderer was not clickable (for html5 target)

And two minor things:

Particle emitter for OpenFL compatible with Particle Designer

When I need particles for one of my games, I searched a bit, and found excellent Particle Designer 2 for mac. Although this app is a little expensive (€36.99) and sometimes crashes, it allows you to create particle systems in an easy way.

Then I started looking for particle emitter, compatible with OpenFL, but all I found – it is old and abandoned projects.

I decide to create my own library.


Introducing zame-haxe-particles!

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