Finally, hxbolts

  1. Why hxbolts?
  2. Trying promhx
  3. Trying thx.promise
  4. Trying task
  5. Trying continuation
  6. Trying async
  7. Trying hext-flow
  8. Finally, hxbolts

And finally, I’ll make the same task using hxbolts (few words about – it is pure haxe port of java library Bolts, which itself seems to be inspired by Task Parallel Library from dotNET).

TL;DR – 🙂 Strongly typed, easy to use. Without all this async / await magic, but predictable and well tested.

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Recap for the last two months: hxbolts

At work and for my own projects I tried to use different promise libraries, for javascript, for java (mostly on android) and of course for haxe. And I absolutely love Bolts library from corporationname (ooops, actually I can’t write it because of BSD license). Anyway, it is good strongly typed (using generics) promise library for java.

Introducing hxbolts! A pure-haxe and cross-platform port of “tasks” component from Bolts.

Imagine you have to delete all comments from blog while player playing in your game, mwahahaha 😈 . But server API has only 4 methods:

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