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There are tons of various resources with free graphics or sounds, but often them has extremely low quality, released under non-permissive license or inconsistent. On this page I will collect high quality and consistent resources under permissive license which available for free or for very little money. I created this page mostly for myself, but I would be happy if you find it useful.

  1. – free resources from our team.
  2. – very cool graphics, mostly pixelart. Also good blog at all.
  3. – while monsters are badly drawn (as of 2015-04-17), textures are pretty nice.
  4. – clean cartoon-style graphics plus some sound assets.
  5. – consistent icons.
  6. – great resource, however it may be hard to find something what you need.
  7. – collection of various links, many of them are non-free but can be useful.
  8. – simple way to create sounds in a few clicks. Site is under construction, some texts are on russian, works only in Chrome, but may be helpful.
  9. – textures and music from golgotha game, public domain.
  10. – art released under CC-BY-SA.
  11. – great patterns under CC-BY-SA.
  12. – 51 set of consistent icons
  13. – Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license
  16. – 20GB+ or royalty-free sounds!

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