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g2osPrehistory: before we come to the Haxe world, we make games for android and even release two our own on google play.

We (at zamedev) really appreciate opensource. Haxe is opensource. OpenFl and luxeengine is opensource. But even our old games (written in java) would not appear in the world without opensource.

Today we want to give something back to community, and we opensourced Gloomy Dungeons 2.

Many great libraries and pieces of code are opensourced. Less often you can find royalty-free sound and music. And almost impossible to find royalty-free graphics.

Several years ago, when I was only one at zamedev, I began to create old-school 3d-shooter. I’m pretty good at programming, but suck at creating graphics. I’ve spent much time trying to create or find something not awful. Finally I was able to found two great resources – lostgargen and freedoom. 100500 hours in gimp, some coding and my first game was came out.


Yep, looks awful. But it is my game! It working! And all this was possible thanks to opensource graphics (and some code 🙂 ).

Later I cooperate with fantastic graphics artist, and we upgrade graphics it this game:


And later, create a sequel – Gloomy Dungeons 2:


Looks much better 🙂

This was a long story… We were on then top, we were lower than bottom… I plan to write series of articles about this.

But today let’s talk about talented programmers without art skills. They can try to create game without graphics (why not? tetris for example), then can pay for graphics (but it requires free money), or they can use free graphics to bootstrap their idea.

Zamedev love opensource, so…

We relase all our old games under opensource license.

Feel free to use to create game prototypes, or even complete games.



The first part of the game is also opensourced.


And even more

About a month ago we make them free and also remove all ADs and ingame payments. To say the truth, today I think that these games are just boring 🙂 But if you still want to try, here are the links:


9 thoughts on “Zamedev love opensource

  1. this is awesome! thanks a lot for doing this

    the monsters seem to have been rendered from models, any chance we could get access to those as well?

  2. sorry to bother again, but i forgot something, could you ask about the weapon models too? im actually part of the freedoom team, and we are currently giving the game a big makeover, the weapons of gloomy dungeon could be good bases

  3. Hello, I don’t know if you will see this, but the Google Play Store links are DOOMED, could you please give me access to the APK’S?
    I would appreciate that.
    (BTW, I come from the FREEDOOM web page, and I am curious.)

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