Snow / Luxe + Android NDK-r10c


First time, when I heard of snowkit, I fall in love to snow. It is nice, easy and low-level haxe library to develop games and applications. While some important to me features are missing (async network requests, for example), it is still worth to try.

I playing a bit with web builds and native builds, but every time I tried to build any app (including examples) for android, I get something like

... undefined reference to __srget ...

I searched a bit, and found that this function (and some others) is removed from android ndk-r10. Some people propose to install older ndk-r9d, but I don’t like it.

Long time I thought that this is flow / snow problem, because openfl / lime (another haxe library for game development) can export to android without any problems. So I continued to use openfl, and wait for snow updates.

But yesterday I REALLY wanted to run show app on android, so I spent a couple of minutes, and suddenly turned out that it is not flow / snow, but hxcpp problem. Android .so libraries inside hxcpp from haxelib was build using older android ndk.

Luckily, it is very easy to fix. Just open terminal, go to hxcpp folder (usually it is /usr/lib/haxe/lib/hxcpp/<hxcpp version>), and execute

cd project
neko build.n android

After a few minutes I be able to run snow sample on my Android phone 🙂

P. S. Not sure about build steps for Windows.

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