LoveTime: making of #2

For the story, I took an old idea about Dr. Evil, who steals colors, and the world become black and white.


I’m very bad at making graphics, so I download incredible assets from and started to view each image to find graphics style of the game.

After several hours I chose these images for intro:

Next I need images for Dr. Evil and for hero. Let’s snake will be Dr. Evil:

The hero must be a cat. Absolutely. But there is no cat image in animalpack. The most similar to the cat was a rabbit. 100500 hours in graphic editor, and voila:

Finally I want to do something with hexagonal tiles, so I picked them up too:

Sounds and music

I chose several brilliant tracks from Eric Skiff for intro, game and outro music.

As for the sounds, I simply took them from another game (which will be available on the appstore soon).


Intro and level select:

In next post I will talk about programming, zillions of Actuate.tween, SoundTransform hack for Chrome and other things.

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